Orientation 2020

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Letter From The Editor

Choose community

Not only does your voice matter and have value, but combined with your fellow students, it can make a huge impact: in the classroom, in your dorm or extracurricular, and at the University. We are always stronger together.

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How to stay as safe as possible in Evanston during COVID-19

Cleaning and safety tips and tricks

While no one has to tell you to wash your hands, avoid touching your face or to stay six feet apart, there are additional steps you can take to ensure your safety.

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A dictionary for all of your Northwestern needs

Between finding your classes, figuring out when to eat at the dining hall and the schedule of the intercampus bus, incoming students can get lost in the sea of acronyms and nonsensical language used by upperclassmen. Here’s a guide to (some) of those words and phrases to help you feel a little less disoriented.

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Year In Review

On campus

In a year full of the unexpected, Northwestern students raised their voices in the face of adversity, called for accountability and adapted to new styles of advocacy amid a global pandemic.

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Year In Review

Around town

Here are the biggest stories from Evanston over the past year.

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A Guide to Associated Student Government

Members plan to prioritize diversity, communication and transparency amid COVID-19

Here is a guide to ASG and some of its leaders' major focuses for the upcoming year.

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A Guide to Evanston Politics

Evanston is divided into nine wards, but make no mistake — all wards are not the same. Residents in each ward have vastly different backgrounds and interests. Much of Northwestern sits in the 7th Ward, but a lot of off-campus students reside in the 1st and 5th Wards as well.

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Your starter pack to living, studying and working next to the country’s third-largest city

Whether you are local to the area or moving here for the first time, here is a guide to get you started on what is hopefully a long term journey of learning from and alongside Chicago.


How to determine when to use public transportation

While walking or biking may be an option for Fall Quarter, there might be some situations where you have to get somewhere, and you just can’t walk. So the question remains: How safe is public transportation?



Here are some classes you should take during your time at Northwestern

While this list is by no means exhaustive, here are some classes that have good ratings and that may make choosing classes — from a seemingly endless list — a little easier.


The best hidden gems on and around Northwestern’s campus

You might not hear about these hidden gems during Wildcat Welcome, and you might have to shlep a little farther than normal to get there. But take the effort, and you’ll see that there’s so much more to Evanston beyond the Orrington Avenue Burger King.


Black-owned restaurants serving good eats in Evanston, near campus

Here are a handful of black-owned eateries in Evanston, and near campus, you can enjoy this year, whether you choose to dine-in, take-out or order-in.



Everything you need to know about transferring to Northwestern

Welcome to one of the most enthusiastic groups on campus — we’re so happy you’re here.



Organizations catered toward international students plan to provide resources to support them for Fall Quarter

Welcome to one of the most enthusiastic groups on campus — we’re so happy you’re here.


A guide to community spaces and student groups for marginalized students

For students that identify as a member of a marginalized community on campus, it can be tough navigating your first year without a community that keeps you grounded amid the chaos. Here are just a few student groups and resources to ease your transition into college.


What’s the Quarter system?

An insider’s guide to the academic system at NU

Hopefully this guide will provide some tips on how to make it from your first class to your final assignment, and through your first quarter at NU in one piece. If not, don’t worry! You’ll get the hang of it.

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New regulations for on-campus living in Fall Quarter

Ways to personalize your room

Here are some tips for staying safe indoors and making your dorm feel as homely as possible.


I have hope that more FGLI students will change our campus for the better

To FGLI students who are setting foot on campus, or logging in, for the first time this fall, my advice would be to not be afraid by your preconceptions of what campus may be.

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The Show Must Go On

Theatre groups reimagine shows for virtual stage

The theatre community at NU is incredibly resilient and its leaders and members are already planning an exciting year. Here’s what three of the largest student theatre organizations have in store.


2019-20 campus speakers

Here’s a rundown of just some of the 2019-20 school year’s speakers.


Hitting The Right Note

A guide to Northwestern’s a cappella scene

In NU’s vast a cappella landscape, it can be hard to know where to start. So we’re going to break it down for you.


Gone Virtual

Some programming available to the remote student

No one at NU expects this fall to be like any other, but for students who wish to stay off campus entirely for this quarter, the administration recently released further guidance on what would and wouldn’t be available.


Guide to Northwestern’s religious and spiritual organizations

Whether you’re looking for a safe place to pray, receive spiritual counsel or just a place to unwind with a like-minded group of students, Northwestern has over 30 different religious and spiritual organizations to help you find your community.


How to have fun in quarantine

A brief guide to remote social interactions

Let’s be honest, incoming students have gone through this pandemic just as current students have, and you probably have your own set of socially distant hobbies. This is by no means a complete list — you’ve probably heard of a few or all of these ideas. But hopefully you get something out of this guide. Let’s be honest, incoming students have gone through this pandemic just as current students have, and you probably have your own set of socially distant hobbies. This is by no means a complete list — you’ve probably heard of a few or all of these ideas. But hopefully you get something out of this guide.


Building connection through your peer advisory group

PA groups can help new students to make connections in this new normal and may contribute to dissolving the awkwardness at the beginning of a Zoom call or the stigma of introducing yourself in a breakout session.

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Who to watch this year in sports

Some programming available to the remote student

Here are a few Wildcat athletes to watch in 2020-2021.


Women's Basketball

Wildcats seek second-straight Big Ten Championship

The Cats’ offense must replicate its 2019 efficiency to win games this upcoming season.


Men's Basketball

Kopp, Nance look to make Wildcats conference contenders

For NU to make the leap to contender, Collins will have to rely on internal development after the Cats had a quiet offseason.



Bajakian and Ramsey set to shake things up for Northwestern

There’s a lot to be excited about when you take a look at Northwestern’s current roster construction.

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Women's Soccer

Northwestern needs a source of offense if it wants to bounce back this season

The first order of business for this year’s team is finding a reliable striking presence.



Northwestern set to be led by All-American Ryan Deakin

With Deakin, DeAugustino and Davison back this year, the team’s best wrestlers will be All-American contenders. But in the other classes, wrestlers will need to step up to turn coach Matt Storniolo’s squad into an all-around competitive machine.



The Cats hope to improve with a conference-only schedule

Most key contributors from last season will be back again this year.



Katie Robinson hopes to continue Northwestern’s upward momentum in 2020-21

Competing with the likes of Indiana, Michigan and Ohio State in the Big Ten will be tough, but the Cats are clearly trending in a positive direction.



Veteran-laden Wildcats seek another deep postseason run in 2021

The 23 games NU did play in 2020 gave a young team a look at some of the best in the country, and that experience can only help as the team looks ahead to 2021.


Men's Soccer

After improved season, Northwestern looks toward a Big Ten title

If the squad can knock off perennial Big Ten powers, NU will not only achieve berths in the conference and national tournaments, but also a rise into the college soccer spotlight.


Field Hockey

Northwestern looks to capitalize on last season’s momentum in uncertain times

Though NU didn’t win a Big Ten title last season, their success against Big Ten opponents indicates the team has a bright future ahead.



NU looks ahead to 2021 after shortened season

NU will be missing some key players next year, but the squad will likely have some returning seniors under their extra year of eligibility.


Cross Country

Northwestern looks to capitalize on reworked training regimen

Miller and the Cats aim to build off year one, even with the challenges quarantine has posed to the training schedule.


Women's Tennis

Northwestern looks to build on team’s experience

The Cats will return their entire team from the previous season, including graduate student Julie Byrne, who is using an additional year of NCAA eligibility.


Women's Golf

Northwestern women’s golf looks to continue program’s success

After a 16th place team finish, the Wildcats were prepared to rebound in time for the Big Ten Championship and NCAA Regionals. They never got that opportunity due to COVID-19.


Men's Tennis

Combination of experience and young talent will make Northwestern formidable in 2021

Other key contributors for NU in 2020 included English senior Nick Brookes (twice a victor over ranked singles opponents), accomplished graduate student Chris Ephron and reliable junior Trice Pickens.


Men's Golf

Balanced Northwestern team in prime position to contend after 2020 success

NU’s crowning achievement came Feb. 7 and 8, when the Cats ventured to Florida and returned with their fifth Big Ten Match Play title.

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Northwestern looks to return to Big Ten contention after 2020 season’s early end

The team plays many of the top teams in the country every season in addition to their conference slate, ensuring almost every matchup is a good one.



Cats finish strong during regular season despite NCAA Championship cancellation

In the fall, the Cats will welcome Sophie Brill, Levi Hoogendoorn, Sky Miller and Julia Yoon to the team in addition to returning 29 fencers from last year, including three All-Americans.



With or without games, this fall will be the most important season in NCAA history

The truest glimpse of integrity comes in times of trial, and the coming weeks and months figure to provide the greatest litmus test of the character and structure of the NCAA and its schools.