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Time Machine

The Daily takes a trip back in time to examine some of the greatest individual seasons in Wildcats history worth watching in person.

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Sybil Bauer, 1924

Sybil Bauer was so dominant that she made world records obsolete. Every time she jumped in a swimming pool, she had a shot at shattering the previous marks. And many times, she did.

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Otto Graham, 1943

“Automatic Otto” was a swiss-army knife. He was the best passer in the sport — he would finish the season as the Big Ten’s all-time leader in pass competitions. He was a ruthless and agile runner. He was a ballhawking defender. He returned kicks and punts. He averaged a solid 38 yards per punt. He even kicked PATs.

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Jim Golliday, 1952

Throughout his time at Northwestern, Jim Golliday was considered the world’s fastest human on multiple occasions. He is the best sprinter in school history.

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Anucha Browne, 1984-85

Anucha Browne was going to go down as an all-time great no matter what happened her senior season. But instead of settling for sustained excellence, Brown put together a final campaign that will likely remain unmatched in the history of Northwestern basketball.

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Jennifer Averill, 1986

As a four-time All-American in field hockey, Jennifer Averill was clearly a difference-maker for NU. The Cats’ first-ever NCAA tournament appearance — which was also their first Final Four — was in Averill’s freshman season in 1983. The season began a streak of nine straight tournament appearances.

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Todd Martin, 1990

Todd Martin had a two-year stint at Northwestern, beginning with the 1989 season, in which he earned both Big Ten Freshman of the Year and all-conference honors after finishing with a 28-6 singles record. Following his sophomore year, he left Evanston to begin his career on the ATP tour.

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Mark Loretta, 1993

There have been many great seasons in the Cats’ history, but Loretta's 1993 campaign was a truly special one for the baseball program. Before he made a splash in MLB, it would have been a treat to watch him spray line drives in the Big Ten.

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Evan Eschmeyer, 1998-99

For his four seasons in Evanston, Evan Eschmeyer was nothing short of extraordinary. An All-American. The fourth-best player in the country measured by win shares. An NBA draft pick. At Northwestern!

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