4 The Orientation Issue

The Orientation Issue is an annual edition of The Daily Northwestern sent to all incoming new students in the U.S. before they step foot on the Evanston campus. This issue features tips on joining Greek life at NU, courses to take during Fall Quarter and advice for international students from our staffers. Read on to get a glimpse into student life at Northwestern in preparation for school in the fall.

New food service provider to change campus dining experience
Compass, which took over from former providers Sodexo and Aramark July 1, has promised to renovate Northwestern’s dining culture. They plan to change the layouts and concepts of all four dining halls, closing each one in successive 90-day periods, starting with Elder in July and ending with Allison at the end of 2018, to create modernized, transparent spaces.
A guide to Greek life at NU
Though Northwestern is far from a large state school, a surprisingly vibrant Greek community exists on campus, with nearly 40 percent of the student body participating in Greek life. So what’s the first step towards going Greek?
Associated Student Government: The year in review
While the political science majors show off their knowledge by discussing obscure house races and the politically-inclined check FiveThirtyEight every day as congressional midterm elections heat up in the fall, there’s another governing organization that all students should pay attention to — Northwestern’s Associated Student Government.
A guide to alcohol at Northwestern
Coming to college marks a significant change in every students’ lives. For many, it’s the first time living away from home for a long period of time and with it, comes freedom. It can be easy to get caught up in all the opportunities to let loose, but make sure to know the alcohol laws and University policies before drinking.
NU releases housing task force report, opens new residence halls
n January, the Undergraduate Residential Experience Committee released a report outlining a new neighborhood plan for all on-campus residences. The committee, made up of NU students, faculty and staff, suggested dividing the residence halls into different “neighborhoods” that would allow all residents in that area access to shared spaces, facilities and programming.
Helpful resources for NU students
Your acceptance into Northwestern is nothing short of a major accomplishment. The small, intimate campus can prove challenging for many individuals at times and a comprehensive list of resources is crucial for all new students.Here are a few things that should be on your radar.
Navigating supportive spaces on Northwestern’s campus
Northwestern is an often overwhelming place, and with about 8,000 undergraduates and countless student groups it can be easy to feel lost. Here’s a rundown of just some of the NU spaces where you might go for support.
Advice for international students from Daily staffers
As international students, our first year at Northwestern was like a tart filled with multiple flavors. As much as we cherished the sweet, there was bitterness as well. Having survived the inclement weather in Evanston, the taxing quarter system and perplexing social life, we want to offer incoming international Wildcats a breakdown of some of the ingredients.
Northwestern international student population continues to rise
Northwestern’s international student population continues to rise, despite fears by higher education officials that immigration rhetoric could drive away foreign interest and access to American schools.But any applause may be premature, as growth in the percentage of international students has come to a sluggish slowdown.
Notable speakers at Northwestern in 2018
Northwestern attracts a host of important and interesting speakers throughout any given school year. In the past, speakers have included former President Barack Obama, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Megan Twohey and famed director Barry Jenkins. Here is a rundown of some of the best from this past year and a taste of what you might have to look forward to.
City year in review
Evanston saw some changes during the 2017-18 academic year. From the EPD implementing body cameras to a landmark mansion slotted for demolition, here's all you need to catch up.
Know your ballot: A guide to the 2018 midterm elections
This November, many new students will be able to officially voice their political opinions for the first time in the upcoming midterm elections. But whether you’re registered to vote in Illinois or not, you’ll need to be well-versed in the election if only to score a few extra points from your TA in your poli sci discussion section.
Feeling Lost? Use this guide to Evanston and NU transit
Though it can seem overwhelming, navigating the transit around Evanston and Chicago is fairly simple with a Wildcard and a Ventra card. The options range from the the free Northwestern-run shuttle buses to the L and the Metra, Chicago trains with stops right by campus.
A guide to Evanston, NU elected officials
With the school year starting soon and midterm elections right around the corner, here’s a comprehensive guide to who represents Northwestern students — on campus and off.
New and coming soon to the Evanston business scene
Beyond Northwestern’s Evanston campus, the streets of the city are lined with an eclectic mix of restaurants, cafes, retail stores and more. With this bustling business community, Evanston attracted dozens of new businesses last year. Here are some notable additions to the city.
Vic Law will be NU’s first player drafted into the NBA since 1999
Vic Law, a redshirt senior, is the highest-rated recruit in the Chris Collins era. Although he hasn’t put up monster numbers so far in his career, he has been a solid role player for NU.
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