The Daily Northwestern Recruitment | Fall 2022

Welcome to The Daily Northwestern's Fall 2022 Recruitment
Something for Everyone

Regardless of your interests, passions and prior experience, there's somewhere in our offices at the third floor of Norris University Center for you to call home. The Daily's been around for 140 years and is Northwestern's and Evanston's only daily news source.

Whether you're an incoming student or rising senior, put your name down on our Google form if you're interested and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and click the link below for updates about fall open houses, info sessions and how to join!

Joining Staff What's going to happen?

Once you're here, you'll work with our Recruitment and Development Editors throughout your first quarter who will help you learn how the desks you're interested in work and walk you through building skills for reporting, producing, designing or doing whatever else you're passionate about. You'll also go through trainings on diversity and inclusion along the way and attend some of our D&I discussions. We also have social events planned to help new members get to know each other outside the newsroom and feel at home here!

We'd love for you to join regardless of how little or heavily you're interested in being involved. Check our opportunities for writing, multimedia, digital/interactive work and design on the tabs above if you've always been passionate about them or just want to try out something new! We've had editor in chiefs come from outside of Medill, so don't worry about if you're not a journalism student. Typically new members join one to three desks — and many regularly crossover between print, multimedia and design.

Click through our website headings for more info on each desk you could join and the types of opportunities you'd have! Email our Fall 2022 Recruitment and Development Editors Aviva Bechky, Mika Ellison and Alex Perry at [email protected] with any and all questions!

The desks you could join at the daily