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As the Class of 2020 prepares to move on from their time at Northwestern, our staff’s seniors reflected on their time at Northwestern and the moments and events that have shaped the past four years. Go through our Graduation Issue to relieve some of the experiences of the class shared and read our seniors last columns on their time at The Daily.

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Four Years of Headlines Photo

Four Years of Headlines

The biggest events on campus and in Evanston during the Class of 2020’s time at NU

Over the past four years, the Class of 2020 has lived through a number of memorable events on campus and in Evanston. As we near virtual commencement ceremonies, we're taking a look back on some of the biggest stories of the past four years.

Rewind the Tape Photo

Rewind the Tape

Reliving Northwestern’s best sports memories of the past four years

Ups and downs in Northwestern athletics have marked the Class of 2020's time in Evanston. From the Men's Basketball march madness in berth in spring 2017 to the head-turning seasons in Lacrosse, Softball and Women's Golf, students have been through many highs. Relive some of the biggest moments in Northwestern sports through the stories and photos here.


Alan Perez

College is weird

“College was weird, at least for me. That first month kicked off a four-year span during which I felt uncomfortable, out of place and overwhelmed. But I also grew, learned more about myself and the world, and accomplished what I never thought I would do.”


Troy Closson

What memories matter

“It took a long time for me to even just enjoy coming to the newsroom — and even longer for me to feel proud of anything we do as a paper. But the road to get there made me become much more vocal about bringing up diversity issues than I ever would’ve been before coming to Northwestern and changed the type of journalism I wanted to do.”

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Jonah Dylan

On the moments we remember

“We’re all looking at the field right now from our own vantage points, maybe not alone but socially distanced nonetheless. We’re trying to reflect on the last four years, watching something we don’t want to see but trying to replace that image with the memories that preceded it. We only have a moment to do it before we have to walk off the perpetual field and into the next part of our lives.”


Maddie Burakoff

Meet me at Norris

“I never knew how much I could miss a cramped, poorly ventilated, harshly lit office space in the least convenient corner of Norris. Until I was abruptly plucked from campus and dropped into the most socially isolating few months of my young life. That is to say — until now.”

Catherine Kim

Catherine Kim

Leaving after learning so much

“I’ll miss the late nights filled with Hot Cheetos, soggy Norris pizza, Dum Dum wrappers and endless shenanigans. There’s no place quite like the newsroom, where the lines between coworkers, friends and foes are blurred, and I’ll be thinking about its energy for a long, long time.”


Colin Boyle

Developing from the negative, and other camera puns relating to life

“Glamorous photo assignments aside, I owe so much of who I am, and will become, to the lessons learned at The Daily. The patient and attentive team there invoked messages of accountability, transparency, compassion and commitment. With these, I see all aspects of life through a nuanced lens.”


Kristina Karisch

In Evanston, three years’ worth of learning and late nights

“At the end of May, I moved to California to start a job in local news. As I get to know my new city, I find myself thinking about Evanston every day, and wanting to hold people here up to that same standard of involvement. That’s probably a futile task, but it’s a testament to Evanston and what makes it so special.”

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