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Election day has passed, and all the votes have been counted. Read up on all of 2017's races here, from businessman Steve Hagerty's win in the first contested mayoral election in eight years to the resounding passage of a District 65 school funding referendum.



Steve Hagerty

Mark Tendam

Mark Tendam concedes Evanston mayoral race
In a statement provided to The Daily, Tendam expressed his support for Hagerty and pledged to help him fulfill campaign promises.

City Clerk

Rodney Greene

Devon Reid

Devon Reid beats out long-time city clerk Rodney Greene for position
Reid had three major goals during his campaign: combat homelessness through affordable housing, increase government transparency to build trust and enhance voter participation through a “get out the vote” program.


1st Ward

Lee Cabot

Judy Fiske

3rd Ward

5th Ward

Carolyn Murray

Robin Rue Simmons

6th Ward

Virginia Mann

Thomas Suffredin

8th Ward

Rob Bady

Ann Rainey

9th Ward

Cicely Fleming

Shawn Jones

Ald. Peter Braithwaite (2nd), Ald. Donald Wilson (4th) and Ald. Eleanor Revelle (7th) are running unopposed for reelection.
Three new aldermen elected to City Council, 6 to serve another term
Fiske, Wynne and Rainey will all serve another term after winning reelection, while Simmons, Suffredin and Fleming are new additions to City Council.

District 65 Funding Referendum



D65 school board referendum passes with overwhelming support
The referendum will increase property taxes to combat rising educational costs.

School Boards

District 65 School Board

Top four votegetters are named to board

District 202 School Board

Top four votegetters are named to board
New school boards elected in D65, D202
In total, four newcomers were elected to serve on the two school boards.


Mark Tendam
Sixth Ward Alderman hopes to convey experience, dedication to city

Endorsed by:

The Daily Northwestern Editorial Board
U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky
Equality Illinois
Mayoral candidates look ahead to general election
After emerging from the primary, Hagerty and Tendam shift focus to raising money, rallying volunteers, and working to differentiate themselves from their opponent.
Steve Hagerty outspends Mark Tendam in primary
Hagerty spent more than $80,000 during the primary race, while Tendam spent just $2,000, according to campaign finance disclosures.
Evanston candidates discuss ways to increase affordable housing
Tendam and other city candidates debated subsidized housing programs, the so-called "brothel law," and other issues.
NU students can tip scale in mayoral election
University archivist Kevin Leonard says high student turnout could swing the vote in the first contested mayoral election in Evanston since 2009.

From the Primary

Steve Hagerty, Mark Tendam move on to mayoral election in April
Hagerty won more than 44 percent of the vote in February's primary, while Tendam earned more than 20 percent. The duo were the top two vote-getters from a field of five candidates.
Mayoral candidates promise to further Tisdahl’s legacy at final forum ahead of primary
The forum focused on housing affordability, urban sustainability, and helping at-risk youth.
Mayoral candidates discuss policing, town-gown relations at debate
The candidates reaffirmed Evanston's commitment to being a sanctuary city and debated policy changes to combat racial bias in policing.
Students engage in Evanston’s mayoral primary
Some Northwestern students are mobilizing to help elect the city's next mayor.
Evanston electoral board dismisses challenges to bids for mayor, clerk
A contributor to mayoral candidate Brian Miller's campaign alleged that Hagery, Tendam and Gary Gaspard should be removed from the ballot for indicating the wrong election date on their petitions.
Electoral board throws out latest objections to mayoral candidacies
Mayoral candidate Jeff Smith filed objections against each of his four competitors that would have cancelled February's primary if upheld.
Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl: Filing for elected office in Evanston is ‘too complex’
Confusion about electoral filing dates and technicalities and a forgotten 1992 referendum mandating a mayoral primary when more than two candidates run caused controversy in the early parts of the campaign to replace Tisdahl.


Rodney Greene
After 9 years as clerk, incumbent keeps passion for civic service
Devon Reid
City clerk candidate seeks to reinvent position
Evanston Democrats vote to endorse Devon Reid for clerk
Reid won roughly 75 percent of votes cast among present members to earn the Democratic Party of Evanston's endorsement. No candidate in any other race was endorsed.
Greene kicks off campaign with mayors’ support
Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl and former Mayor Lorraine H. Morton voiced their support for Greene’s reelection.


1st Ward

Lee Cabot
Northwestern program assistant stresses the importance of local government
Judy Fiske
Incumbent seeks to promote development and growth, protect the lakefront
Cabot, Fiske face off in 1st Ward race
The two candidates vying to represent the ward — which encompasses most on-campus housing — have both said the university was essential to their campaign platforms.
1st Ward candidates respond to ethics questions
Fiske apologized for using a senior citizen’s photo without permission, and Cabot denied allegations of a “conflict of interest” stemming from her position as a full-time Northwestern employee.
1st Ward candidates discuss safety, relations with Northwestern during forum
Cabot and Fiske debated town-gown relations, Sheridan Road safety and communication with residents.
Cabot highlights affordable housing, importance of local government in campaign kickoff
If elected, Cabot said she would focus on increasing affordable housing opportunities and balancing property taxes with school funding.

3rd Ward

Alex Block

Source: Alex Block

Third-ward born candidate seeks to promote diversified local economy, police accountability
Alex Morgan

Source: Alex Morgan

Accessible, equitable and transparent government is crucial to progressive
Melissa Wynne
Incumbent emphasizes education funding and economic development as most pressing issues
Two challenge long-standing 3rd Ward alderman
Wynne, the incumbent, is facing two challengers in her reelection campaign in a race that has focused largely on affordability issues and the responsibilities of aldermen to their residents.
Local candidates prioritize affordable housing, ‘welcoming city’ status
All three candidates spoke at a forum discussing both local issues and the impact of national politics on Evanston.

5th Ward

Carolyn Murray
Long-time activist emphasizes gun safety, economic development
Robin Rue Simmons

Source: Robin Rue Simmons

Small-business developer prioritizes affordable housing, economic development
Candidates prioritize economic development, affordable housing in 5th Ward race
Simmons and Murray are vying to replace current Ald. Delores Holmes, who is not seeking reelection
Evanston residents sue Simmons over construction dispute
The lawsuit alleges Simmons abandoned a home-renovation contract while president of a construction company.
Ald. Delores Holmes apologizes after using city email for candidate endorsement
Holmes endorsed Simmons using an official email account, drawing allegations of ethics violations.

6th Ward

Virginia Mann

Source: Virginia Mann

Public relations firm owner hopes to drive business growth, protect property values
Thomas Suffredin

Source: Thomas Suffredin

Attorney set to prioritize equitable and cost-effective government services
Mann, Suffredin face off in race for 6th Ward
The candidates have centered their campaigns on the responsible use of city resources and making Evanston an attractive place to live.

8th Ward

Rob Bady

Source: Rob Bady

Energy consultant running on platform of neighborhood safety, affordable housing
Ann Rainey

Source: Ann Rainey

Long-time council member emphasizes experience, economic development
Bady, Rainey focus on affordable housing, economic development in 8th Ward
Apart from economic development and housing, both Rainey and Bady said they hope to see Northwestern have more of a presence in south Evanston.

9th Ward

Cicely Fleming
Fifth-generation Evanston resident focuses on equity, city-school partnerships
Shawn Jones
Attorney hopes to prioritize Robert Crown Center, safe neighborhoods
Two candidates vie to replace Miller in 9th Ward
Fleming and Jones aim to replace current Ald. Brian Miller in a race focused on addressing affordability and equity issues in Evanston.


School Board Races

District 202 candidates aim to reaffirm board’s commitment to equity
Three current board members and three challengers are in the running for four open spots on the board.
District 65 board candidates focus on funding, racial equity
Five candidates will compete for four positions on the Evanston/Skokie School District 65 board in Tuesday’s election.
District 65 board candidates discuss $4.5 million deficit, equity at education forum
Several candidates said academic performance reports illustrate District 65’s need for additional funding for programs that promote diversity and inclusion.

District 65 Funding Referendum

Voters set to decide District 65’s financial future through property tax referendum
Over the last 10 years, District 65 has grown by about 1,500 students. As a result, the district has faced $20 million in additional costs to support the increased staffing and expanded programming necessary for a larger student population.
District 65 board votes to put property tax referendum on April ballot
The referendum would raise property taxes by 0.59 percent, or about $450 dollars annually for an average Evanston property owner.
Parents, community members organize in support of District 65 referendum
While D65’s budget is balanced for the current academic year, it is projected to slump to a deficit of $114.4 million by fiscal year 2025, according to District 65 board documents.
D65 school board members introduce contingency plan in case referendum does not pass
The plan would increase class sizes, reduce funding for athletic and music programs and diminish staff in the 18 schools D65 oversees.
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